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D’Elize by Vasilyeva is a Prêt-à-Porter brand of clothes established in Greece in 2018 by the designer Evgenia Vasilyeva and her associates.
Evgenia draws inspiration for the creation of her collections in everyday life of modern woman engaged both with family and business. The goal of D’Elize clothes is to offer finesse, comfort and femininity to contemporary busy woman.
D’Elize by Vasilyeva collections include bright colors, modern designs and exquisite fabrics with a sole purpose to emphasize the uniqueness of every woman.
The clothes’ lines gracefully bring out the female silhouette. Our collections include dresses with fitted waists, belts, high-rise trousers, jackets, coats as well as elegant t-shirts suited sport outfits.
Living and creating in beautiful sunny Greece is another source of inspiration for Evgenia. Therefore, her summer collections are meant not only for the working woman with sophisticated business look, but also for the joyful relaxing one, who prefers a delicate and light resort outfit.
The secret of D’Elize success lays in our team’s consistent careful work. We design and create versatile and comfortable clothes that we love to wear in our everyday activities.
D’Elize by Vasilyeva uses fabrics imported from France, Italy, Spain and other European countries. We always pay attention to the detail with a special order of fabrics, decorations and print, emphasizing on natural and ecological materials. Our leading fabrics are mainly silk, wool, linen, cotton and fine French lace.
Capture the essence of casual chic, in your D’Elize outfit. Enjoy every day in your best look!

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